How Financial Demographics Have Changed Since March 2018

Demographics could be the destiny shaper of economic growth and success of financial markets. However, this will not happen if the western economics are not ready to solve the underlying social and environmental challenges. Population growth in western countries as compared to Asian, Middle Eastern and African regions is very low, and this affects growth of private capital.

Financial markets need stability of private investors so that they can provide the government and philanthropists with supplementary support. Financial markets used to be dominated by elderly people, but today young investors are joining financial markets as early as they hit 20 years. Apart from age, there are other demographic factors that are shaping financial markets today.


Traditionally, it could have been very hard for you as a potential investor to risk with the financial market if you are under 40 years of age. The reason why this was the case is that people were expected to work for several decades before they can get a promotion and earn enough income for such an investment. Things have changed a lot today, and numerous young entrepreneurs have succeeded in their twenties and therefore can afford to become investors like any other person.

There are several factors that help new businesses to prosper faster today than some decades ago. Apart from the young entrepreneurs, the older adults over the age of 70 who could have been considered ineligible to invest in the financial market are also successful investors in such investments. Despite that age used to be an important consideration when it comes to financial markets, today, it cannot be used as a limitation to do the same.


Globalization is one of the factors that is playing a big role in the growth of the economy and different investments. Globalization is helping people to move from one state to another easily and also trade in these nation without many limitations. Previously, it was very hard for a business to expand its operations in other countries due to numerous conflicts and lack of relevant technology. However today all this has been changed by globalization and the tremendous advancement of technology among other inventions.

For instance, communication has been made so easy allowing people to continue monitoring their business even when they are away. This means that for a person to invest in financial markets in another country or when away from home, they will easily do so through a few simple clicks. Globalization is opening ways for potential investors to invest in financial markets all over the world. Previously many limitations used to deter them from doing so.

Vulnerable Groups

A few decades ago, there are groups of people who were considered ineligible to do certain things or carry out certain businesses. For instance, some careers were only considered fit for men only and women could not join such industries. People were also limited to get chances at work because of their race, religion or gender among other demographic factors. However today sexism is not something considered in the business industry as a limitation because men and women have ventured in industries that were previously dominated by women and men respectively.

People have decided to break the ceiling with an open mind so as to create more opportunities for everyone. This means that no one is limited to venture into financial markets because of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion or any other demographic. Every person is qualified as long as they have the necessary know-how and capital required to invest in financial markets.


Traditionally, people had limited chances to get academic qualifications unlike it is today where People tend to obtain more college degrees and other credentials. Education has always been linked to success at work, entrepreneurship and investments because educated people have been taught more on taxation, financial statistics and technical calculations among other things. The advanced information acquired by today’s millennials will shape the financial markets because they have more know-how than older generations. This will lead to a modernized way of handling operations in the financial markets and most probably make things more efficient.

Things seem to change by day due to numerous evolvements in the world. This include changes in how people view others, growth in technology, globalization and modernization. Today, people’s demographics do not limit their success in different aspects of life because a lot has changed within the last few decades. It means that changes in demographics’ perception are reshaping financial markets and other investments.