About Me

Welcome to Tweed Economics. This is the passion project of Rusty Tweed.

Rusty Tweed has been involved in real estate transactions for the whole of his adult life, having bought his first rental at the age of 22 in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. He was able to acquire his second rental in Toronto a few years later. Rusty eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California, in 1987, using his passive income streams. Rusty began locating and flipping foreclosures shortly after arriving in Southern California, and by the early 1990s, he had completed well over 30 real estate flips.

Mr. Tweed discovered the concept of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange in 2004 which is one of the many tools in any real estate professional's tool belt.

The global economy has rebounded strongly as the world continues to recover from the effects of COVID-19. This has been accompanied by a dramatic rise in prices and wages, raising concerns that we are about to enter a new phase marked by rising inflation and interest rates. This has pushed real estate into the spotlight, as it is frequently claimed that "property is a strong inflation hedge." Is it, however, always the case? This site, leveraging Rusty Tweeds many years of experience will look into the opportunities that have been created and trends to explore.

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