About Rusty Tweed

Robert “Rusty” Tweed was born in Waterloo, Ontario Canada.  He grew up on his family’s horse farm, playing hockey in the winter and riding quarter-horses competitively in the summer.   Rusty was always interested in the sciences and especially excelled in math.   When it came to picking a career he chose Mechanical Engineering and the University of Waterloo.   This was in the late ‘70s and participated in the early stages of the now famous “work-study” program, where engineering students worked for a semester, then alternated with a “work” semester, allowing the students to try different jobs.    Rusty did various things, working on pollution control devices (scrubbing systems for manufacturing) and even for Ontario Hydro recalculating dams in northern Ontario from Imperial (feet) to metric.

Having done all that Rusty realized that even though he enjoyed math, he was more of a “people” person and also wanted to be his own boss.    From there he worked in sales, then started his own business importing goods from Hong Kong and doing real estate on the side.   In 1987, Rusty went from Toronto to Los Angeles on a lark, having a partner in the import business that wanted to explore California. They found a way to do that and test out the Southern California business climate at the same time.  Their product being imported was a multi-purpose flashlight that turned out to be a hit in the California market and Rusty was hooked.   Since then he’s been a Californian and enjoying every minute of it.

In 1989-91 Rusty was a “flipper” doing over 30 properties and having a great time in the real estate boom of the time.   Unfortunately he learned the hard way that real estate doesn’t always go up and got caught in the Los Angeles downturn at that time.
Fresh from feeling the sting of property values plummeting as much as 40% in the LA market, Rusty needed another game.   That’s when he got his securities license and into financial & retirement planning, which he felt would be less cyclical.   Over the years Rusty learned a lot about investments and around 2004 he was introduced to the concept of doing 1031 exchanges with his client’s rental properties.

Since then Rusty has brokered hundreds of millions of dollars of properties from the sale of apartments, single family residences and land into a multitude of income properties.   As well, Rusty was a founding shareholder in Exeter Exchange and has worked extensively with Bill Exeter, one of the foremost experts in California on doing 1031 exchanges.

Rusty has always had a high interest in the area of economics and for decades has subscribed to various newsletters, gone to many conferences and seminars and read a lot of books on the subject.   Having experienced both great markets and “down” markets, he’s always wanted to understand what’s going on.   As well, he’s participated in various investments enterprises, both as a broker and as an entrepreneur and has been involved in everything from various real estate ventures, solar projects (he personally owns one in Honolulu, HI), oil & gas (he’s a partner in a oil company in Dallas), and even owns a revolutionary new mold elimination company doing business in both California and Florida.

During all these busy times though, he’s always kept abreast of economic news and has decided to share areas of the economy that he finds to be important or of interest to both himself and the people and businesses he deals with.   This blog was started with the idea of focusing on what Rusty considers to be important market information and sharing it with others.   To Rusty’s pleasant surprise, within months of starting it and posting articles, others have been finding his information to be interesting as well and his blog has gained a wide audience.   People from all over the world have been found to browse his site and some of the articles have even gone viral, adding to it’s popularity.

If you’ve found this site in your internet browsing and have found it to be of interest, I thank you for your support.   Please book mark this site and share it with your friends.    You’ll find short articles of interest being posted almost daily.   The subjects come from Rusty’s wide readings and personally picked by him to be important subjects to follow to help one understand the logistics of the markets.
Most of the articles will tend to be about real estate, but you’ll also be updated on the job markets, robots and automation, energy, solar, demographics and just about anything Rusty feels is important or worthwhile writing about with the goal of better understanding both local and world economies.

Have fun reading them and hopefully you will continue to be a fan.

Yours Truly

Rusty Tweed